Posted on: October 4, 2009 8:20 am

my thoughts on the Miami/Oklahoma game

I dont know if anybody thinks like i do, but this IS the world according to Loki so I get to say whatever i want. I was scratching my head, as the Canes took a knee and walked off with a 21-20 win over the sooners. Im not a big fan of either, but it just struck me as odd. The sooners are down 1, and Miami is WAY in FG range. The Canes running back busts off a big run that is clearly gonna end the game, he gets down to the 20 or so, and gets tackled......end of game. My question is, why did they tackle him????? Why not let him score, and take your chances down 8, WITH THE BALL IN YOUR HANDS, with a chance to tie, and maybe win in OT. I know people will say, thats crazy, you cant let people score, but i disagree. Would you rather lose by 1, or be down 8, with a chance to tie? Does anyone hear me on this, or am i crazy? I mean, the guy busted through the hole, and had a full head of steam, goin downfield, I dont think he would have noticed, or had the presence of mind to go down, if the OK defenders just kinda.....stopped chasing him as hard. Maybe im insane, but the ball being where it was, im talkin about this with my players during the TV timeout. Maybe people would be like "what the hell is he doing", but if they came back an won in OT, theyd be calling Stoops a genius. Isnt football about WINNING, not KEEPIN IT CLOSE. If they dont score, oh well, you lost by 8 instead of 1, BUT you gave yourself a chance, you put your players in a position to succeed, isnt that a coaches job???????
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